Hebe Center Holland is the specialist in growing and improving Hebes for European retail

By focusing on the further development of Hebe varieties as well as growing them, we are the absolute specialist in Hebe cultivation.

Discover our varieties

Happy Hebe Collection

The Happy Hebe Collection consists of 15 standard varieties. A range that is available to everyone but makes our total package complete.

Container sizes: P10.5, P13

Hebe Magicolor Collection

The Hebe Magicolor Collection is the most characteristic collection of Hebe Center Holland and shows what the company stands for: quality, exclusivity and innovation. This collection consisting of 5 varieties was developed by the company itself, and is available as ‘premium collection’ at Hebe Center Holland.

Container sizes: P10.5, P17, P21, 4-pack P10.5

Hebe Exclusive Collection

The Hebe Exclusive Collection consists of 10 varieties. By using coloured pots and a striking label line this collection demonstrates exclusivity and in this way it can be distinguished from the standard varieties. As the name might suggest, this collection is also exclusively available at Hebe Center Holland.

Container sizes: P10.5, P17, P21, 4-pack P10.5

Hey Beauty Collection

The Hebe Hey Beauty® collection consists of a mixture of 12 colourful varieties. The Hey Beauty® collection is a beautiful reflection of the total range of Hebe Center Holland and is a perfect addition to the range thanks to the extra container size (P13).

Container sizes: P13

Skimmia japonica ‘Rubella’

To use the space as economically as possible, we also included the Skimmia Japonica ‘Rubella’ in the range. This plant fits well in the cultivation programme and promotes the autumn trade for our company.

Container sizes: P15


Hebe Center Holland successfully introduced the Buddleja ‘Low & Lovely’ in the Netherlands. This Chip Collection consisting of 4 varieties is a highly compact butterfly bush, which does not only grow well in the garden but also in a pot on terraces, balconies or patios. This is also an addition to the Hebe cultivation programme.

Container sizes: P19

The process

Selection and growth of the most beautiful Hebe varieties

Selection of varieties

The Hebe varieties that we grow have undergone a long-term selection procedure. Improvement has helped us to develop many varieties, each time more unique and with better characteristics. Together with our suppliers we look for the best starting material to pot our varieties. In this way, we try to put together the best combination of growing pots, potting soil and of course plant material. A good preliminary process will contribute to a hight quality final product.


The cutting to delivery process is largely done under our own management. In this way, we can safeguard quality and ensure that we grow exactly those plants and varieties that we want to grow and that have the most added value for consumers . During the growing of the plants we do everything possible to ensure a beautiful healthy final product. The largely automated growing locations are of course very helpful.


Our automated delivery lines are designed to daily provide our customers with the most suitable plants to be delivered at that particular time. In this way we guarantee the quality that we aim for as a Hebe specialist.

Our customers

The Hebe supplier for DIY stores, supermarkets, garden centres and exporters

Hebe Center Holland is designed to supply large promotional orders, permanent lines and daily trade. This makes us the ultimate Hebe supplier for a broad customer range.  We can serve our broad customer range well with flexible delivery lines and suitable ranges for every customer segment. Additionally, we are flexible when it concerns the supply of mixed trolleys, packing materials and logistics. Are you curious to find out what Hebe Center Holland can do for you? Please contact us via info@hebecenterholland.com!


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We are looking for enthusiastic, committed and driven colleagues for various positions in the nursery, production and in our office.

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