Van Lint Productions is the specialist in the production of greenery arrangements for large-scale European retail

With more than 20 years of experience in the production of greenery arrangements we have proved that we meet our customers’ demands.

Our range


Our range for the Christmas period consists of various types of Christmas arrangements and decorated Christmas trees. We use several types of Christmas greenery and flower bulbs.

Production locations: Poland and Boskoop


We can offer you a beautiful range for Advent, which is four weeks before Christmas. Many candles are used in this range.

Production locations: Poland

All Saints

The range of All Saints arrangements is particularly intended for the German market. We produce classic as well as modern arrangements.

Production locations: Poland


In spring, we offer a diverse range of arrangements for Easter to help create a pleasant atmosphere in and around the house after winter.

Production locations: Boskoop

Valentine's & Mother's Day

We can also supply various arrangements for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. As is perhaps expected, we use many decorative hearts in these arrangements.

Production locations: Boskoop

Other seasonal arrangements

Outside the above-mentioned festivals, we also supply seasonal arrangements that are not intended for any specific festival. In this way, we can offer beautiful arrangements all year round.

Production locations: Poland and Boskoop

The process

From design to large-scale production

At Van Lint Productions we focus on the whole process: from the development of new products to an efficient production process to supply our customers with large numbers of fresh greenery arrangements all year round. And that is quite a challenge!


We start the process with the development of the product. Our own designer makes suitable arrangements for every season and for every festival. In this it is important that all ‘ingredients’ are recorded correctly so that we can serve our customers according to what has been agreed.


Once the orders are known, the procurement team will start to procure everything needed for each order from each customer. Not only must the plants or the Christmas greenery for an arrangement be bought, we also procure the small pots and decorations.


After a few months, once all the components have arrived and the plants have been delivered, the production can start. Our production team specialises in handling large numbers. Together they work hard to produce millions of arrangements in both the Netherlands and Poland as efficiently as possible, while they make sure that the products are fresh and of good quality when they leave the conveyor belt.

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Our customers

Large-scale European retail

Van Lint Productions was created on the basis of the demand to produce Christmas arrangements for the customers of Van Lint Plants. That is why its customer range is largely the same as that of Van Lint Plants. As a result of the close collaboration between these companies, Van Lint Productions’ focus is also on large-scale European retail. In order to also suitably meet this customer segment’s demand, our production locations, both in Poland and the Netherlands, are specialists in handling large promotional orders.

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We are looking for enthusiastic, committed and driven colleagues for various positions in the nursery, production and in our office.

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