Van Lint Plants is the specialist grower for large-scale European retail

Van Lint Plants is the origin of the company. Our company has been working on the best varieties with the highest quality for over 70 years. This experience and the drive to ensure continuous improvement ensure that we can serve our customers efficiently.

Our main cultivations

Acer palmatum

In spring, our main cultivation is the Acer palmatum. The English name of this plant is Japanese maple.

Delivery period: March - May
Container sizes: P17, P19, P21, P23, P26

Hydrangea macrophylla

The well-known Hydrangea macrophylla is grown both in the greenhouse and outside. As a result, this product is available long term, in various container sizes.

Delivery period: March - June
Container sizes: P19, P23, P26

Gerbera ‘Garvinea’ ®

A beautiful colourful product in our range is the Gerbera ‘Garvinea’ ®. The ‘Garvinea’® is a winter-hardy gerbera that flowers from early spring to the first frost. The ‘Garvinea’® is available in different colours.

Delivery period: February - June
Container sizes: P17

Helleborus niger ‘Christmas Carol’

The Hellebore Niger ‘Christmas Carol’ is commonly known as the Christmas Rose. Through improvement of the Hellebore varieties, this plant lives up to its name because it flowers as early as autumn and early winter.

Delivery period: October - December
Container sizes: P12, P17

Picea glauca ‘Conica’

We grow Picea Glauca ‘Conica’ for the autumn period. This plant is very suitable for decoration purposes during the Christmas period. The ‘Conica’ looks a lot like the traditional Christmas tree, which makes it a good alternative as a compact Christmas tree.

Delivery period: October - December
Container sizes: P19, P21


The magnolia is known for its early flowering, even before the first leaf of the plant starts growing. That is why this product is pre-eminently suitable for early spring.

Delivery period: February - April
Container sizes: P19

The process

From cutting to magnificent looking adult plant

Potting of starting material

Together with our suppliers we look for the best starting material to pot our plants. In this way, we try to put together the best combination of growing pots, potting soil and of course plant material. A good preliminary process will contribute to a hight quality final product.


During the cultivation of the plants we ensure that the plants grow in the most beautiful way. We grow the plants until they are perfect for delivery by continuously improving ourselves in the field of fertilisation and watering. The period between potting and delivery differs greatly for each variety. For example, the Picea Glauca ‘Conica’ is grown at our nursery for almost 18 months and our Garvinea ® plants for only a few months.


During the delivery process we do everything possible to ensure that the delivered plants meet the customer's high quality requirements. Van Lint Plants can be distinguished from others by its capacity to supply large batches of plants to customers for promotional sales.

Our customers

Large-scale European retail

The company has continued to grow since its formation. This growth has resulted in us growing more and more varieties and increasingly more plants of these varieties. In the last few years, Van Lint Plants has focused even more on its main cultivations, which are shown above. Because we focus on these cultivations and grow large numbers of them, this mainly suits customers who buy plants for promotional sales.  That is why we focus on large-scale European retail. 

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